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FTP Instructions

If using an FTP client to connect, use the following IP address:

For PC Users:

  • Connect directly to the FTP site by clicking the link here: FTP Site
    (You may have to refresh the page to view the login box.)
  • Enter in your user name & password as provided.
    (If you have not received a user name & password, contact us now)
  • Click OK. You are now directly connected to the FTP server.
  • Treat this web folder just like you would any folder on your computer.
  • You may drag files to the server, delete them, copy them onto your computer, etc.
  • After you are finished, simply close out the window and you will be signed off.

For Mac Users:
  • Most Mac users experience difficulties with their computer when trying to access the FTP site directly. Because of this, it is recommended that an FTP client be used when connecting to the FTP site. The FTP address to be used in the software is IP: